Overcoming funding challenges to provide for the SEN community
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Refurbishing 3 SEN schools in Liverpool

Partner: Liverpool City Council
Project value: £19m total project value
Completion: September 2023

Clear Futures and Liverpool Council have worked in partnership to refurbish SEN schools at pace to provide modern learning spaces for young people with special educational needs.

Challenge: maintaining essential SEN education

In 2023, it was identified that Liverpool’s SEN schools were in urgent need of refurbishment, with a shortfall in places available in the City. The Council faced a significant funding challenge if education for these children couldn’t be provided within the city by September 2023.

Fast tracking delivery of SEN schools for 2023

Clear Futures worked with the council’s education team to prioritise immediate needs and fast track the delivery of three SEN education projects.

At Millstead School, Clear Futures’ Tier 1 supply chain partner, Seddon Construction was quickly appointed, thanks to the Clear Futures strategic partnership that was already in place, to cost-effectively design and install temporary modular units to accommodate 40 extra pupils in September 2023, while fully redeveloping an existing mothballed building for a future intake of 72 pupils.

Image of interior of refurbished special educational needs school in Liverpool with toys and play items
SEN school places
SEN schools refurbished

Outcome: major funding risk avoided

Delivering these three key projects means that SEN education and care is provided for children close to their homes, once phase 2 is complete.

As a result, we have mitigated a potential risk of financial penalties and cost for the travel, specialist teachers and carers and other expenses to provide education for these children outside of the city boundaries, that would have been Liverpool City Council’s responsibility.

Long-term social impact

Clear Futures develops partnerships with purpose, focusing on long-term outcomes that drive real change in a community. As part of this, we have made a commitment to provide a one-to-one mentoring programme to change the lives of teenage girls who need support.

In addition, we provided targeted activities and support in the local area, with a focus on developing the careers of young people in Liverpool, including:

266 hours
98 weeks

Our strategic partnership with Liverpool

Clear Futures and Liverpool City Council began working together to deliver education projects at pace to provide modern learning spaces for local young people. As our partnership develops, we will explore opportunities to drive net zero action and provide strategic support to the Council to support local key priorities.

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