Outcome-driven procurement and delivery

Partnerships with purpose.

Clear Futures is a long-term strategic partnership between Eastbourne and Lewes Councils (founding participants), and Robertson and AECOM (JV Partners), designed to deliver transformational projects which focus on sustainability, regeneration, renewables, strategic asset management and advisory services. It can be accessed by any other public body in the UK, by acceding to the partnership via an Accession Agreement to become an additional participant. There is no charge for signing the agreement, which provides new participants with the full range of services through a fully compliant procurement agreement.

Inflexibility and locked into contracts – why Eastbourne and Lewes Councils set up an alternative to traditional procurement vehicles.

Why partner with Clear Futures?

We believe that through the power of partnership, public sector bodies can overcome the issues and constraints that prevent progress towards sustainable development and services, and positive economic, societal and environmental impact.

  • A fast, efficient, easy to use compliant procurement partnership that removes the need to undertake costly, repetitive, and time-consuming procurement processes.
  • Flexibility in the planning and running of tender processes via mini-competition, direct engagement, and full supply chain collaboration.
  • Flexibility and transparency of commercial and contract choices.
  • Wide choice of supply partner expertise and ability to onboard local partners.
  • Participant retains control across the partnership.
  • Investment in local partnerships to create lasting legacy in the communities, places and environments we operate in.
  • Long-term and holistic approach to social value delivery aligned to local needs and requirements.
  • Responsive to public sector constantly changing requirements.
  • Project Management support and delivery.
  • Improves the efficiency of delivery of community-based facilities.
  • Collaborative, open-book working relationships.
  • Moves away from the traditional architectural or aspirational-led approach, setting sustainability and affordability outcomes, and social value at the forefront of the project to deliver lasting legacies.
  • Managed by a public sector led steering board, for public sector benefit.

Stability, agility and cost certainty – a few reasons why our strategic partnership is working for Bolton Council.