Built environment expertise

Compliance. Flexibility. And the outcomes you want.

Leverage the strengths of experts in the built environment and gain the capability to unlock complex programmes of activity. Collaborating with your team, Clear Futures considers every possible approach and opportunity to maximise delivery outcomes – from driving project value and efficiencies to addressing your key local priorities and progressing towards a wellbeing economy.

We bring insight and support across the entire built environment:

  • Advisory and strategic support
  • Investment
  • Energy and decarbonisation projects
  • Strategic estate management, optimisation and rationalisation
  • Regeneration projects including town centres
  • Development management
  • Construction and infrastructure projects
  • Housing
  • Facilities management
  • Retrofit and refurbishment projects
  • Supply chain management

The decarbonisation of assets is a key priority. And a huge challenge. Here’s how we help the public sector address operational carbon legacies and more.