Strategic procurement vehicle for buildings, infrastructure and services

provides a fully compliant, flexible long-term procurement partnership for the public sector that specialises in delivering sustainable solutions to the built environment, with expertise, efficiency, and value.

Partnerships with purpose.

Clear Futures works with public sector organisations who need a flexible, collaborative partnership to overcome built environment challenges and drive change in their communities faster, smarter and sustainably. Combining the skills of our industry experts with those of your team, you’ll have the capability to strategically address local priorities and plan value-based routes to delivering energy-efficient and sustainable infrastructure and services.

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Latest news

36% social value 2019-2023

Clear Futures has delivered an incredible 36% of the overall project value in Social Value back to our Participants and their communities since its inception in 2019. This has been benchmarked by the Social Value Portal as being in the top 25% within the construction sector.

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